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LOL << Alice

Welcome to the best LJ you will probably ever not see! ♥




This LJ is for my soul tom foolery and rants about life, people, and bad elements.

If you want to add me as a friend, please leave a comment on this entry.



hay hipster photo.

My name is Allison. Nick name is primarily Ally, but since I'm so cool I'm also called Sunny, Petunia, Mac, McFalafel, McSmiley, Sugy, Bebe, and ROCKETSHIP ALLY! I don't feel like explaining these.

Location: Home → Long Island, NY
                 College/Dorming → Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. Yale University in New Haven, CT.

science, fanfiction, mindless web browsing, astronomy,  OTPs, fashion, anime/manga , the beach, singing, guitars and hot cars.

rude people, onions, cooked peppers, milk chocolate, mannequins, wax figures.

I'm kind of a big nerd, the one who laughs at nonsense? Yeah that one's me. Or the one listening to J-rock music loudly on a train? That was probably me. I have a weird fashion sense. Like really weird. You'll notice that soon. I love meeting new people on LJ, so please let me know~!

I also make icons. Browse them for your pleasure at iridescent8ball (ignore the fact that I haven't updated in 500 years.) Also check my user icons now for recent ones. If you want me to make you one or have requests let me know.






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hey i found you by perusing people with the interest "layouts", then i noticed i loved your default icon, then i noticed you are pre-med, and i want to go into medicine also, then i noticed that you like fanfic, -mindless- browsing, OTPs, and animaga which is. pretty much fabulous.

and you make icons... and love creativity.. and so yes. if i haven't creeped you out yet, franssssss~


(also, i don't update my journal 24/7 so i hope that wouldn't bother you)


Oh goodness yes yes yes! :)

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

Hey I found your post on an add me community, you sound really awesome! ^_^ I added you, would you like to add me back?

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